Woods & Irons

Modification of existing clubs or set

This is done on the basis of a thorough technical review. The options are to change/renew the grip, to shorten or lengthen the shaft, or to replace the shaft and adjust the swingweight.

Technical review of your current set of clubs

With each club, the following aspects are checked:

  • length
  • swingweight
  • flex and frequency (Stiff, Regular, A (Senior)-Flex, Ladies-Flex)
  • general condition of the grip, shaft, and club head


Various repairs

  • fixing a loose club head
  • adjusting the swingweight


Replacing the shafts (graphite and steel) based on the results of a thorough technical review or if the shaft is broken. For this I use brands such as Aldila, Mama UST, Snake Eyes and True Temper.



“Custom made” golf clubs or set

A custom made club or set of clubs is completely adjusted to the individual player by clubfitting. Besides a full review, we also look at the following aspects:

  • swing speed, which determines the flexibility of the shaft
  • the size of the hands, which determines the type of grip
  • the distance between the hands and the ground, which is an indication of the length of the club
  • swing test to determine the “lie” angle


Old grips are replaced with new grids made by Golfpride or Lamkin. If desired, it is also possible to order original grips (e.g. Ping, Nike, or Mizuno) and use these as replacements. Costs: starting from € 10,- per piece which includes the grip and replacement. If you have 11 or more clubs to be regripped, you get one grip replacement for free!