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Clubfitting is useful for advanced golfers, but also for beginners. The pros play with custom made clubs, so why shouldn’t you? Physically, every person is unique and therefore every person moves differently. Equally important is how the practice of others sports, such as tennis, hockey or baseball, influences the golf swing. For swing analysis I use “SKYTRAK Launch Monitor”

For players with injuries I have access to, and the cooperation of a specialist “BACKtoGOLF”  physiotherapist.

 The starting point of a clubfitting session is a thorough check of your current set. During this check, you will be asked questions, such as:
  • which is your favorite club? Why?
  • which is your least favorite club? Why?
  • what part of your game would you like to improve? Would you like to achieve a higher flight of the ball, a longer hitting range, or better control?

 Next we perform a number of stationary and dynamic measurements:
  • the distance between your hand/wrist and the ground (this gives an indication of the ideal length of a club),
  • the size of your hands and fingers,
  • the speed of your swing,
  • flight of the ball,
  • measurement of the “lie” angle by swinging the club on a so-called “Lie board”

Based on this data, the club is made specifically for you. In the case of a full or half set I first make one club for testing and revision before I make the other clubs. This gives you the opportunity to test if the club “feels” right. Even if you only purchase a single club, it is possible to make final improvements after you have tried the club. It is important that you feel confident when playing with the clubs, because only then will you be able to play your best game.

Within the short period of time that I’ve been providing clubfitting services, I have noticed a number of interesting things: People often play with a driver which is too long and has too little loft. How many times have you not heard people state that they hit equally far with a number 3 driver as they do using their number 1 driver? Just look at the difference in length between these two clubs. With a ½ or 1 inch less in length, you will have more control over the club and subsequently hit the sweet spot more often and this will help you achieve greater distances. A club head with more loft is more forgiving and results in less hooks and slices.

  • the most straightforward improvement and which is often underappreciated, is simply changing the grip of a club
  • a good set of carefully selected wedges is just as important as the rest of your set. Just remind yourself of how many short distances you play during a round of golf.
  • the choice of the right shaft is important, because it affects the distance, the touch, the trajectory of the ball and the accuracy of your swing
  • older players benefit from “counter balancing”:
    • weight is added on the side of the grip
    • this moves the center of mass upwards, which “lightens” the swings
    • less effort is required to control the club at the highest point in the backswing

Players with custom made clubs generally lower their handicap by an average of 25%. So why wait? Make an appointment!!